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Speedball® Fabric Screen Printing Inks

  • Speedball’s Fabric Screen Printing ink offers more vibrant colours, greater coverage, smoother workability, a softer hand and easier clean up than other inks on the market
  • All colours carry the AP seal and are permanent on fabric once properly heat set
  • Currently available in a wide range of rich colours including 2x fluorescent colours, 2x Night Glo® colours, 3x opaque colours and process colours
  • For the best printing on dark fabrics, Speedball opaque inks are recommended for vibrancy and opacity
  • Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Inks are great on a variety of fabrics and have a soft touch finish
  • Available in 236ml (8oz) containers
  • CLICK HERE for FABRIC SCREEN PRINTING INKS COLOUR CHART (note that not all colours on the colourchart are available, only products as listed below)

Products in this Range

SB004565Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Yellow
SB0045652Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Process Yellow
SB004569Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Orange
SB004561Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Red
SB0045651Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml Process - Magenta
SB004684Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Burgundy
SB004550Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Violet
SB004551Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Peacock Blue
SB004562Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Blue
SB045650Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Process Cyan
SB004566Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Blue Denim
SB004564Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Green
SB004560Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Black
SB004563Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - White
SB004687Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Fluro Hot Pink
SB004690Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Fluro Lime Green
SB047523Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Night Glo® Original
SB047522Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Night Glo® Green
SB004685Speedball® SP Fabric Ink 236ml - Cotton Candy
SB004803Speedball® SP Opaque Fabric Ink 236ml - Pearly White
SB004807Speedball® SP Opaque Fabric Ink 236ml - Silver
SB004808Speedball® SP Opaque Fabric Ink 236ml - Gold

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