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Speedball® Diazo Photo Emulsion & Sensitizer

Speedball® Diazo Photo Emulsion & Sensitizer:

  • The photo emulsion method of screen printing allows artists to create a photographic stencil featuring highly-detailed images
  • Speedball’s Diazo Photo Emulsion & Sensitizer offer professional-grade results and remove the need for expensive equipment and darkrooms
  • For use with polyester screen fabrics, Speedball’s Diazo Photo Emulsion & Sensitizer may be used with any water-soluble or solvent-based ink and can be easily removed with Speedball’s Photo Emulsion Remover
  • Available individually or in the top-selling Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit!
  • Don’t forget to pair these great products with Speedball’s NEW Transparency Pack!
  • These transparencies are essential for use in the photo emulsion process, and are clear, acid-free and designed for use through any ink jet printer
  • Speedball’s Photo Emulsion and Photo Emulsion Remover carry the AP Seal
  • Speedball’s Sensitizer carries the CL Seal

Speedball® Drawing Fluid & Screen Filler:

  • These two high-quality Speedball products work together to create a painted stencil on your screen and are ideal for use on designs that feature detailed hand-drawn images or those possessing a “painterly” quality
  • Both products carry the AP Seal and Speedball’s Screen Filler is easily removed with Speedball’s Speed Clean to reclaim the screen

Products in this Range

SB004579Speedball® Diazo Photo Emulsion 780ml
SB004578Speedball® Diazo Sensitizer
SB004531Speedball® Drawing Fluid 236ml
SB004557Speedball® Photo Emulsion Remover 236ml
SB004530Speedball® Screen Filler 236ml

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