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Daniel Smith Watercolour Sticks

  • Daniel Smith Watercolour Sticks are paints shaped into a convenient stick form, allowing you to both draw and paint with your watercolours
  • Made with the same superior pigment as the Daniel Smith Watercolour paints (no fillers or waxes)
  • Made with pure pigment and gum arabic, so that the paint releases easily with a wet brush
  • There are 51 colours available in the Daniel Smith Watercolour Sticks

Watercolour Sticks Colour Charts & Colour Swatches: 

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Daniel Smith

Products in this Range

DS284670001DS WC Stick Sap Green
DS284670002DS WC Stick Quinacridone Coral
DS284670003DS WC Stick French Ultramarine
DS284670004DS WC Stick Burnt Umber
DS284670005DS WC Stick Quinacridone Burnt Orange
DS284670006DS WC Stick Hansa Yellow Medium
DS284670007DS WC Stick Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)
DS284670008DS WC Stick Cobalt Blue
DS284670009DS WC Stick Burnt Sienna
DS284670010DS WC Stick Permanent Alizarin Crimson
DS284670011DS WC Stick New Gamboge
DS284670012DS WC Stick Quinacridone Gold
DS284670013DS WC Stick Lunar Black
DS284670014DS WC Stick Quinacridone Violet
DS284670015DS WC Stick Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet
DS284670016DS WC Stick Undersea Green
DS284670017DS WC Stick Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
DS284670018DS WC Stick Yellow Ochre
DS284670019DS WC Stick Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow)
DS284670020DS WC Stick Quinacridone Red
DS284670021DS WC Stick Carbazole Violet
DS284670022DS WC Stick Cerulean Blue Chromium
DS284670023DS WC Stick Quinacridone Sienna
DS284670024DS WC Stick Raw Sienna
DS284670025DS WC Stick Nickel Azo Yellow
DS284670026DS WC Stick Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)
DS284670027DS WC Stick Buff Titanium
DS284670028DS WC Stick Rich Green Gold
DS284670029DS WC Stick Lamp Black
DS284670030DS WC Stick Titanium White
DS284670031DS WC Stick Graphite Gray
DS284670032DS WC Stick Cobalt Teal Blue
DS284670033DS WC Stick Moonglow
DS284670034DS WC Stick Sodalite Genuine
DS284670035DS WC Stick Serpentine Genuine
DS284670036DS WC Stick Piemontite Genuine
DS284670037DS WC Stick Hematite Genuine
DS284670038DS WC Stick Ultramarine Blue
DS284670039DS WC Stick Alizarin Crimson
DS284670040DS WC Stick Imperial Purple
DS284670041DS WC Stick Organic Vermilion
DS284670042DS WC Stick Opera Pink
DS284670043DS WC Stick Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
DS284670044DS WC Stick Indanthrone Blue
DS284670045DS WC Stick Pyrrol Red
DS284670046DS WC Stick Permanent Green Light
DS284670047DS WC Stick Hansa Yellow Deep
DS284670048DS WC Stick Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)
DS284670049DS WC Stick Pyrrol Orange
DS284670050DS WC Stick Hansa Yellow Light
DS284670051DS WC Stick Phthalo Turquoise
DS838010001Daniel Smith Watercolour Stick Holder - Plastic holds 5

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