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Iris Acrylic 75ml Tubes

A pigment rich, smooth and buttery, heavy body Artist Acrylic.  Iris Artist Acrylic provides excellent coverage by combining the finest pigments and superior binding.   Iris Acrylics have a body similar to oil colours and peak beautifully straight from the tube with no thickeners.  

The Iris Acrylic 75ml colour palette offers a range of 49 vibrant, bold and unique colours.  The range has 38 lightfast colours in the standard palette.  Also included in the range are 6 fluorescents, 3 metallics and 2 glitter colours, which offer a lower lightfast rating but add brilliant colour options and effects to the range.

All colours are fully mixable to create endless colour mixes.  When dry, the Iris acrylic colours form a permanent film that is resistant to water, dirt and atmospheric pollution.  Suitable for painting on most surfaces like canvas, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, glass and wood.

  • Wide range of pigment rich colours 
  • Excellent permanence and lightfastness in the standard colour range
  • Range also includes metallics, glitters and fluorescents 
  • Smooth buttery consistency 
  • Maintains peaks and brush strokes 
  • Excellent mixing capabilities 
  • Dries to a gloss finish 
  • Dilutes with water 

75ml Tubes are available in a range of 49 colours and 1 set of 5 assorted colours (5 x 75ml tubes)

The Iris Acrylic Primary Set 5 is an easy and convenient set of 5 assorted colours for scholars and artists wanting to mix their own range of colours.  This set includes Titanium white, Ivory Black, Primary Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue), and Cadmium Red Medium (Hue).  

CLICK HERE to view IRIS ACRYLIC Pigment and Lightfastness

CLICK HERE to view Iris Acrylic 75ml COLOUR CHART 

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Products in this Range

A75FLY148Iris Acrylic 75ml - Fluro Lemon Yellow
A75LY100Iris Acrylic 75ml - Lemon Yellow
A75CYM120Iris Acrylic 75ml - Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue)
A75CYD239Iris Acrylic 75ml - Cadmium Yellow Deep (Hue)
A75COD235Iris Acrylic 75ml - Cadmium Orange Deep (Hue)
A75FO147Iris Acrylic 75ml - Fluro Orange
A75FC011Iris Acrylic 75ml - Floral Coral
A75FR159Iris Acrylic 75ml - Fluro Red
A75BR230Iris Acrylic 75ml - Brilliant Red
A75CRM238Iris Acrylic 75ml - Cadmium Red Medium (Hue)
A75AC280Iris Acrylic 75ml - Alizarin Crimson
A75RM231Iris Acrylic 75ml - Rose Madder
A75MG005Iris Acrylic 75ml - Magenta
A75FRO156Iris Acrylic 75ml - Fluro Rose
A75BL013Iris Acrylic 75ml - Blossom
A75LLC006Iris Acrylic 75ml - Lilac
A75V300Iris Acrylic 75ml - Violet
A75PRB370Iris acrylic 75ml - Prussian Blue
A75BB016Iris Acrylic 75ml - Botanical Bliss
A75UB340Iris Acrylic 75ml - Ultramarine Blue
A75PB330Iris Acrylic 75ml - Phthalo Blue
A75PBL003Iris Acrylic 75ml - Primary Blue
A75CB350Iris Acrylic 75ml - Cobalt Blue (Hue)
A75CE310Iris Acrylic 75ml - Cerulean Blue (Hue)
A75FB146Iris Acrylic 75ml - Fluro Blue
A75TQ004Iris Acrylic 75ml - Turquoise
A75AQ015Iris Acrylic 75ml - Aquamarine
A75SA014Iris Acrylic 75ml - Sage
A75CH012Iris Acrylic 75ml - Chartreuse
A75GL420Iris Acrylic 75ml - Green Light
A75SG428Iris Acrylic 75ml - Sap Green
A75EG480Iris Acrylic 75ml - Emerald Green
A75FB210Iris Acrylic 75ml - Sandstone
A75NY720Iris Acrylic 75ml - Naples Yellow
A75YO500Iris Acrylic 75ml - Yellow Ochre
A75RS830Iris Acrylic 75ml - Raw Sienna
A75BS520Iris Acrylic 75ml - Burnt Sienna
A75RU540Iris Acrylic 75ml - Raw Umber
A75BU530Iris Acrylic 75ml - Burnt Umber
A75VDB007Iris Acrylic 75ml - Van Dyke Brown
A75NG257Iris Acrylic 75ml - Neutral Grey
A75PG610Iris Acrylic 75ml - Paynes Grey
A75S611Iris Acrylic 75ml - Silver
A75SG191Iris Acrylic 75ml - Silver Glitter
A75G511Iris Acrylic 75ml - Gold
A75GG196Iris Acrylic 75ml - Gold Glitter
A75IB650Iris Acrylic 75ml - Ivory Black
A75PW213Iris Acrylic 75ml - Pearl White
A75W710Iris Acrylic 75ml - Titanium White

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