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Zig Kuretake Fude Pens

  • The Fude pen is most commonly used for:
  • Calligraphy, lettering, sketching, outlining, inking illustrations and ink washing
  • The BIMOJI range is designed to imitate the aesthetics and weight of the traditional calligraphy brush
  • The BIMOJI range offer a hard brush tip in a variety of line widths as well as medium soft brush tip
  • The NIHON -DATE KABURA # 55 is a double sided hard and soft brush tip pen for lettering, outlining and illustration
  • The CHU-JI # 60 and 61 offers gold and silver pigment ink for calligraphy, lettering and decoration
  • The CHU-JI # 22 is a medium brush tip perfect for calligraphy and lettering in black ink
  • The GOKUBOSO # 24 is a fine brush tip perfect for detail work, fine lettering and illustration in black ink
  • Item DT140-13C is a fine polyester bristle nib for creating varying widths of strokes from broad to very fine in black ink
ZIG by Kuretake

Products in this Range

XT1-10SKuretake "BIMOJU FUDE" Pen - Extra Fine
XT2-10SKuretake "BIMOJU FUDE" Pen - Fine
XT3-10SKuretake BIMOJU FUDE Pen - Medium
XT4-10SKuretake "BIMOJU FUDE" Pen - Large
XT5-10SKuretake "BIMOJU FUDE" Brush Pen - Medium
LS1-10SKuretake "FUDEGOKOCHI" Pen - Black
DF150-55BKuretake FUDE Pen "NIHON-DATE KABURA" No. 55 Twin Tip
DO150-60SKuretake FUDE Pen "CHU-JI" Gold No. 60
DO150-61SKuretake FUDE Pen "CHU-JI" Silver No. 61
DM150-22BKuretake FUDE Pen "CHU-JI" No.22
DT140-13CKuretake FUDE Pen - Poly Nib Brush with Refill
DL152-24BKuretake FUDE Pen "GOKUBOSO" No. 24

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