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The Leonardo Collection

  • The Leonardo Collection of instructional art books was designed and created as both a valuable tool for beginners and a strong support for professional artists
  • It stands out for its clear explanations, plain language, and especially for its intelligent, well-directed choice of illustrations
  • Available range consists of 48 titles


Vinciana Editrice

Products in this Range

LC001Leonardo Fundamentals of Drawing Vol. I
LC002Leonardo Fundamentals of Drawing Vol. II
LC003Leonardo Fundamentals of Drawing Vol. III
LC004Leonardo Anatomy 04
LC005Leonardo Perspective & Theories of Shadows 05
LC006Leonardo Horses 06
LC007Leonardo Nudes 07
LC008Leonardo Nudes 08
LC009Leonardo Nudes 09
LC010Leonardo Nudes 10
LC011Leonardo Horses & Riders 11
LC012Leonardo Animals 12
LC013Leonardo Animals 13
LC014Leonardo Venetian Sceneries 14
LC015Leonardo Landscapes 15
LC016Leonardo Landscapes 16
LC017Leonardo Landscapes 17
LC018Leonardo Landscapes 18
LC019Leonardo Landscapes 19
LC020Leonardo Flowers 20
LC021Leonardo Flowers 21
LC022Leonardo Flowers 22
LC023Leonardo Flowers 23
LC024Leonardo Still Life 24
LC025Leonardo Still Life 25
LC026Leonardo Still Life 26
LC027Leonardo Seascapes 27
LC028Leonardo Birds 28
LC029Leonardo Expressive Faces 29
LC030Leonardo Dancers 30
LC031Leonardo Portraits 31
LC032Leonardo Portraits 32
LC033Leonardo Basics of Comics Vol. I
LC034Leonardo Basics of Comics Vol. II
LC035Leonardo Basics of Comics Vol. III
LC035Leonardo Basics of Comics Vol. III
LC036Leonardo The Animals of M. Méheut 36
LC037Leonardo Calligraphy 37
LC038Leonardo Cartoons & Humorous Drawing 38
LC039Leonardo Caricatures 39
LC040Leonardo Decorative Patterns 40
LC041Leonardo Still Life 41
LC043Leonardo Architectural Scene 43
LC044Leonardo Children 44
LC045Leonardo Trees and Leaves 45
LC046Leonardo Water 46
LC047Leonardo the Seasons 47
LC048Leonardo Tricks of the Trade 48

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