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Stretch Canvas: Prime Art Blue Label (Boxed Profile)

  • Prime Art stretch canvas offers excellent value artist primed canvas on a frame made from kiln dried specially selected wood that ensures maximum resistance to warping and bending
  • This ensures a long lasting and stable stretch canvas for your artwork
  • The inclusion of corner stretching wedges means you can tighten the canvas by inserting the wedges into the corner slots which pushes the  corners apart and this tightens up any slack in the canvas
  • Made from 380g triple primed 100% cotton canvas
  • Available in a wide range of sizes – sized in inches
  • Ready to paint on with oil and acrylics
  • The box frame profile is 3.8cm x 3.7cm
  • Medium-smooth texture
  • Canvas sizes below in inches
  • See our Gallery Canvas range for other large format options:  CLICK HERE



Products in this Range

SCB57Stretch Canvas Box 380g 5 x 7 inch
SCB66Stretch Canvas Box 380g 6 x 6 inch
SCB810Stretch Canvas Box 380g 8 x 10 inch
SCB88Stretch Canvas Box 380g 8 x 8 inch
SCB912Stretch Canvas Box 380g 9 x 12 inch
SCB1010Stretch Canvas Box 380g 10 x 10 inch
SCB1014Stretch Canvas Box 380g 10 x 14 inch
SCB1020Stretch Canvas Box 380g 10 x 20 inch
SCB1114Stretch Canvas Box 380g 11 x 14 inch
SCB1212Stretch Canvas Box 380g 12 x 12 inch
SCB1216Stretch Canvas Box 380g 12 x 16 inch
SCB1418Stretch Canvas Box 380g 14 x 18 inch
SCB1530Stretch Canvas Box 380g 15 x 30 inch
SCB1616Stretch Canvas Box 380g 16 x 16 inch
SCB1620Stretch Canvas Box 380g 16 x 20 inch
SCB1824Stretch Canvas Box 380g 18 x 24 inch
SCB2020Stretch Canvas Box 380g 20 x 20 inch
SCB2024Stretch Canvas Box 380g 20 x 24 inch
SCB2030Stretch Canvas Box 380g 20 x 30 inch
SCB2040Stretch Canvas Box 380g 20 x 40 inch
SCB2228Stretch Canvas Box 380g 22 x 28 inch
SCB2430Stretch Canvas Box 380g 24 x 30 inch
SCB2436Stretch Canvas Box 380g 24 x 36 inch
SCB2828Stretch Canvas Box 380g 28 x 28 inch
SCB3036Stretch Canvas Box 380g 30 x 36 inch
SCB3040Stretch Canvas Box 380g 30 x 40 inch

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