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Speedball® Pro Relief Printmaking Ink 8oz (235ml/475ml)

  • A new line of artist-quality relief inks that are a water-miscible, oil-base
  • Highest quality, lightfast pigments and no fillers
  • The results are rich, intense, crisp prints with archival qualities that artists demand
  • The ink is formulated with the working properties artists desire – inks roll-out consistently, transfer beautifully, and hold even the finest details
  • Easily clean up with soap and water
  • This new ink delivers professional working properties and unrivalled clean-up ease
  • Created with world renowned relief artist, Bill Fick, Supergraphic black Ink is the flagship color in the Professional Relief Ink line
  • Key Attributes:
    • High quality permanent print
    • Dry time – not too fast / not too slow
    • Transfer well and hold fine line detail (good tack)

Products in this Range

SB003940Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Supergraphic Black
SB003941Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Crimson Red
SB003942Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Phthalo Blue
SB003943Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Titanium White
SB003944Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Phthalo Green
SB003945Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Hansa Yellow Light
SB003946Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Transp. Base
SB003947Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Diarylide Yellow
SB003948Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Dioxazine Violet
SB003949Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Quinacridone Red
SB003950Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 8oz (235ml) Ultramarine Blue
BLACK Also Available in Large Size:
SB003970Speedball® Pro Relief Ink 16oz (475ml) Supergraphic Black L

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