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Speedball® Gel Printing Plate 5×7 inch

  • Speedball Monoprinting Gel Plates offer ease-of-use for spontaneous creativity
  • Beginner artists, crafters and fine artists
  • Monoprinting is the easiest, most immediate form of printmaking – paint an image or pattern on a reusable plate (like Gel Plates), place paper on the plate, burnish and voila!
  • Features a lower profile than other plates, which allows for greater detail
  • The thin profile also allows for convenient storage, especially in combination with the specially designed packaging that neatly stores your plates between uses
  • Works great with Speedball Block Printing, Screen Printing and Akua inks, as well as acrylic or oil paints and dyes
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Measures 5×7 inch (13 cm × 18 cm)
  • Key Features:
    • Thin profile for higher detail
    • Easy cleanup
    • Convenient storage
  • Perfect For:
    • Beginner artists, crafters and fine artists
    • Spontaneous printing projects
    • Traveling artists, educators, students
  • CLICK HERE for instructional video: Monoprinting with Speedball® gel printing plates

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SB008001Speedball® Gel Printing Plate 5×7 inch

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