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Sakura Koi Water Colour Metallic, Pearlescent and Fluorescent Colours

  • These portable watercolor sets are perfect for painting on the go
  • Ideal for the travelling artist
  • Includes:
  • Spectrum of assorted half-pan artist watercolour paints
  • Refillable water brush
  • Adjustable, detachable palette
  • Sponges for dabbing the water brush
  • The case protects and stores your equipment in one place
  • The watercolour brush is designed to allow easy squeeze and paint action
  • Set of 12 includes 4 metallic and 8 fluorescent colours, 4ml water brush plus a sponge
  • Set of 24 includes 4 metallic, 12 pearlescent and 8 fluorescent colours, 9ml water brush and 2 sponges

CLICK HERE for COLOUR CHART for  Sakura Koi Water Colour Set Metallic/Fluro (12 Colours)

XNCW-12MHSakura Koi Water Colour Field Sketch Set Metallic/Fluro 12 Asstd.
XNCW-24MPHSakura Koi Water Colour Field Sketch Set Metallic/Fluro 24 Asstd.