• PanPastels are a unique dry colour medium that work like a fluid paint
  • PanPastel colours are professional artist quality soft pastel colours packed in a unique pan format
  • Made with minimal binders and fillers to ensure rich, ultra-soft and super blendable colours
  • Colours are loaded with the finest artist quality pigment for concentrated, lightfast colour
  • The colours perform like a dry velvety paint and are fully erasable.
  • No preparation time as no solvents or water required to work with Pan Pastels
  • They can be used for traditional painting and drawing techniques or for countless mixed media techniques
  • Can be used in conjunction with other artist media and on most surfaces
  • Currently available in assorted sets and with special PanPastel application sponges and tools
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  • Kindly note that we currently only stock the items as listed below:
PP30005PanPastel Mediums Set of 5
PP30031PanPastel Metallics I Set of 3
PP30032PanPastel Metallics II Set of 3
PP30033PanPastel Pearlescent Primary Set of 3
PP30034PanPastel Pearlescent Secondary Set of 3
PP30051PanPastel Starter/Painting Set of 5
PP30052PanPastel Starter/Tints Set of 5
PP30056PanPastels Starter/Extra Dark Shades Set of 5
PP30061PanPastel Metallics Set of 6
PP30062PanPastel Pearlescent Set of 6
PP30071PanPastel Basic Colours Kit
PP30072PanPastel Landscape Starter Kit
PP30073PanPastel Portrait Starter Kit
PP30075PanPastel D.Downey Exploring Mixed Media Set 1
PP30076PanPastel D.Downey Exploring Mixed Media Set 2
PP30079PanPastel GreyScale Kit
PP30081PanPastel Skin Tones Kit
PP30082PanPastel Wildlife Painting Kit of 10 Colours
PP30101PanPastel Painting Set of 10
PP30102PanPastel Drawing Set of 10
PP30201PanPastel Painting Set of 20
PP30202PanPastel Landscaping Set of 20
PP30203PanPastel Portrait Set of 20
PP30251PanPastel Joanne Barby General Painting Set of 20
PP30252PanPastel Joanne Barby Seascape Painting Set of 20
PP30800PanPastel Set of 80 Colours
PP35010PanPastel Tray Palette for 10 Colours
PP35020PanPastel Tray Palette for 20 Colours
PP61030Sofft Art Sponge: Angle Slice Round 2 Pc
PP61041Sofft Art Sponge: Big Oval
PP61100Sofft Art Sponge: BARS – Mixed Pack 4 Pc
PP62100Sofft Covers: Mixed Pack 40 Pc
PP63070Sofft Applicator Handle With Replaceable Heads
PP65100Sofft Knives & Covers Mixed Pack- No.1-4
PP69100Sofft Tools – Combination Set
PP69102Sofft Tools – Starter Set
PP98000PanPastel Sofft Brochure
PP98002PanPastel Fine Art Catalogue
PP98020Demonstration Sample Kit
PP98021Demonstration Trial Drawing & Toning Paper Kit
PP98023Demonstration Trial Metallic Colours Kit