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Magnani Annigoni Pad 250gsm

  • Made on a cylinder mould machine following the original “recipe “perfected by Magnani paper masters and Maestro Pietro Annigoni who used it for his studies
  • Made with 100% cotton with the addition of colour cellulose fibers
  • The paper is acid and chlorine free ensuring resistance to yellowing from UV rays
  • It’s soft handle and beige toned paper is suitable for a variety of overlapping mediums and was originally developed for portrait work
  • The paper has a natural lightly toothed surface making it especially suited to charcoal, pencil, pastel and light wet techniques
  • It can also be treated with natural mediums like rabbit glue
Magnani 1404

Products in this Range

Annigoni Pads:
FBM2182601Magnani Annigoni Pad 18 x 26cm 250gsm 25 Sheets
FBM2243202Magnani Annigoni Pad 24 x 30cm 250gsm 25 Sheets
FBM2354503Magnani Annigoni Pad 35 x 45cm 250gsm 25 Sheets
Annigoni Loose Sheets:
FBM2701001Magnani Annigoni Sheets 70 x 100cm 250gsm (Pack of 10)
FBM2701002Magnani Annigoni Sheets 50 x 70cm 250gsm (Pack of 25)

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