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Magnani 1404 Portofino Pads Hot Press 300gsm

  • Magnani Protofino is natural white, 300gsm and 100% cotton with one of the strongest surfaces ever created for watercolour painting
  • It has a Hot Press surface and is both internally and externally sized
  • Free of any optical brighteners and Ph neutral, acid and chlorine free for maximum archival quality and yield of the colours applied
  • Manufactured entirely of cotton on a slow rotating mould machine using marking felts with an exclusive Cartiere Magnani design
  • Can be used for all wet media like watercolour, gouache, ink and acrylic
  • Available in Blocks, Pads as well as loose sheets
Magnani 1404

Products in this Range

Portofino Pads and Blocks:
FBM4200016Magnani Portofino ROUND HP Block 16cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4200032Magnani Portofino ROUND HP Block 32cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4122322Magnani Portofino HP Pad 12 x 23cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4151521Magnani Portofino HP Pad 15 x 15cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4154017Magnani Portofino HP Pad 15 x 40cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4202019Magnani Portofino HP Pad 20 x 20cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4205018Magnani Portofino HP Pad 20 x 50cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4303020Magnani Portofino HP Pad 30 x 30cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4182614Magnani Portofino HP Block 18 x 26cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4233115Magnani Portofino HP Block 23 x 31cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4263616Magnani Portofino HP Block 26 x 36cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4314117Magnani Portofino HP Block 31 x 41cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
FBM4365118Magnani Portofino HP Block 36 x 51cm 300gsm 20 Sheets
Portofino Loose Sheet Packs:
FBM4567633Magnani Portofino HP Sheets 56 x 76cm 300gsm (Pack of 10)
FBM4567662Magnani Portofino HP Sheets 56 x 76cm 640gsm (Pack of 5)

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