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Lukas Studio Oil 200ml

  • A professional range of high quality yet economical artist oils at a single price point
  • Well balanced colour spectrum of 48 brilliant colours
  • High concentration of pigments for exceptional colour intensity
  • Excellent lightfastness
  • Triple milled production process
  • Surface drying time of 2 – 4  days
  • Distinctive smooth buttery consistency
  • All colours available in 37ml and 200ml tubes
  • CLICK HERE for Colour Chart
  • CLICK HERE for Colour Swatches
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Products in this Range

LK02040014Lukas Studio Oil Zinz White 200ml
LK02070014Lukas Studio Oil Opaque White 200ml
LK02080010Lukas Titanium White 208 Studio Oil 75ml
LK02080014Lukas Tit. White 208 Studio Oil 200ml
LK02090014Lukas Studio Oil 209 Beige 200ml
LK02100014Lukas Studio Oil Lemon Yell 200ml
LK02120014Lukas Studio Oil 212 Br Yellow 200ml
LK02220014Lukas Studio Oil 222 Flesh 200ml
LK02240014Lukas Studio Oil 224 Indian Yell.200ml
LK02260014Lukas Studio Oil 226CadYel.Lt Hue 200ml
LK02270014Lukas Studio Oil 227 Cad Yell Hue 200ml
LK02290014Lukas Studio Oil 229 Cad OrangeHue 200ml
LK02310014Lukas Studio Oil Yellow Ochre 200ml
LK02340014Lukas Studio Oil 234 Naples Yell 200ml
LK02360014Lukas Studio Oil 236 NaplesYel.Red 200ml
LK02390014Lukas Studio Oil 239 Raw Sienna 200ml
LK02500014Lukas Studio Oil 0250 Magenta 200ml
LK02520014Lukas Studio Oil 252 Caput Mortuum 200ml
LK02540014Lukas Studio Oil 0254English Red 200ml
LK02610014Lukas Studio Oil 0261Carmine 200ml
LK02660014Lukas Studio Oil 0266 Aliz.Crimson 200ml
LK02720014Lukas Studio Oil 0272 Cad Red Lt 200ml
LK02740014Lukas Studio Oil 0274 Cad.Red.Deep 200ml
LK02860014Lukas Studio Oil 286 Vermillion 200ml
LK03010014Lukas Studio Oil 301 CasselEarth 200ml
LK03090014Lukas Studio Oil 0309 B. Sienna 200ml
LK03100014Lukas Studio Oil 310 Raw Umber 200ml
LK03110014Lukas Studio Oil 311 Burnt Umber 200ml
LK03120014Lukas Studio Oil 312 Van DykeBrown 200ml
LK03200014Lukas Studio Oil 0320 Cyan Blue 200ml
LK03210014Lukas Studio Oil 321Cerulean Bl 200ml
LK03220014Lukas Studio Oil 0322 Indigo 200ml
LK03230014Lukas Studio Oil 323 Cobalt Blue 200ml
LK03270014Lukas Studio Oil Cob.VioletHue 327 200ml
LK03290014Lukas Studio Oil Mauve 329 200ml
LK03340014Lukas Studio Oil Pr. Blue 334 200ml
LK03370014Lukas Studio Oil 0337 Ultramarine200ml
LK03380014Lukas Studio Oil 338 Sky Blue 200ml
LK03450014Lukas Studio Oil 0345 Phthalo Bl 200ml
LK03540014Lukas Studio Oil 354 Viridian 200ml
LK03550014Lukas Studio Oil 355 Turquoise 200ml
LK03560014Lukas Studio Oil 356 Emerald Gr. 200ml
LK03570014Lukas Studio Oil 357 Olive Green 200ml
LK03580014Lukas Studio Oil 358 Green Earth 200ml
LK03630014Lukas Studio Oil 363 Perm. Green 200ml
LK03650014Lukas Studio Oil 365 SAP Green 200ml
LK03750014Lukas Studio Oil 375 Green Yell. 200ml
LK03820014Lukas Studio Oil 382 Ivory Black 200ml
LK03840014Lukas Studio Oil 384 Paynes Grey 200ml

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