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Lukas Studio Gouache 20ml

  • The perfect paint for colour theory
  • Well-balanced colour spectrum of 30 colours
  • Pronounced colour intensity and high lightfastness
  • Excellent mixing behaviour and flow properties
  • Water dilutable, but colour remains water soluble even after drying
  • Dries to an opaque, velvet matt finish
  • Suitable on all types of absorbent and non-absorbent grounds (paper, cardboard, canvas)
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Products in this Range

LK80070007Lukas Gouache 20ml Opaque White 8007
LK80240007Lukas Gouache 20ml Primary Yellow 8024
LK80260007Lukas Gouache 20ml Cad Yel Lt 8026
LK80270007Lukas Gouache 20ml Cad Yel Mid 8027
LK80290007Lukas Gouache 20ml Cad Orange 8029
LK80300007Lukas Gouache 20ml Yellow Orange 8030
LK80310007Lukas Gouache 20ml Yell.Ochre Lt 8031
LK80600007Lukas Gouache 20ml Primary Red 8060
LK80610007Lukas Gouache 20ml Carmine Red 8061
LK81040007Lukas Gouache 20ml Burnt Grn Earth 8104
LK81090007Lukas Gouache 20ml Burnt Sienna 8109
LK81110007Lukas Gouache 20ml Burnt Umber 8111
LK81120007Lukas Gouache 20ml Van Dyke Brown 8112
LK81210007Lukas Gouache 20ml Primary Blue 8121
LK81260007Lukas Gouache 20ml Cobalt Blue 8126
LK81310007Lukas Gouache 20ml Brill.Green Blue 8131
LK81340007Lukas Gouache 20ml Prussian Blue 8134
LK81370007Lukas Gouache 20ml Ultramarine Deep 8137
LK81420007Lukas Gouache 20ml Violet Bluish 8142
LK81530007Lukas Gouache 20ml Oxide Chrome Opq 8153
LK81640007Lukas Gouache 20ml Perm Gr Deep 8164
LK81740007Lukas Gouache 20ml Green Deep 8174
LK81820007Lukas Gouache 20ml Ivory Black 8182
LK81980007Lukas Gouache 20ml Gold 8198 S2
LK81990007Lukas Goauche 20ml Silver 8199 S2
Available in Set:
LK64880000Lukas Designer Gouache Primary Set 6 piece

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