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Iris Artist Oils 200ml

IRIS Artist Oils are made with quality pigments and offer excellent coverage with a thick, buttery consistency.  Lightfast and loaded with pigment, these artist oils offer colour consistency from wet to dry and will dry to a uniform gloss finish.

Oil colour transparency and lightfast ratings are indicated on the tube and packaging.

  • Thick, buttery consistency
  • Uniform gloss finish
  • Transparency and lightfast ratings as indicated
  • Excellent coverage
  • Consistent colour from wet to dry
  • Rubber seal in the lid to avoid leakage
  • 24 colours at a single price point
  • Available in 200ml tubes


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Products in this Range

P200WIRIS Oil 200ml - Titanium White
P200CYLIRIS Oil 200ml - Cadmium Yellow Light Hue
P200CYMIRIS Oil 200ml - Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
P200YDIRIS Oil 200ml - Yellow Deep
P200VERIRIS Oil 200ml - Vermillion
P200CRLIRIS Oil 200ml - Cadmium Red Light Hue
P200CARIRIS Oil 200ml - Carmine
P200ROIRIS Oil 200ml - Rose
P200VLIRIS Oil 200ml - Violet
P200CERIRIS Oil 200ml - Cerulean Blue
P200CBIRIS Oil 200ml - Cobalt Blue
P200UBIRIS Oil 200ml - Ultramarine Blue
P200PBIRIS Oil 200ml - Phthalo Blue
P200TQIRIS Oil 200ml - Turquoise
P200SGIRIS Oil 200ml - Sap Green
P200GOIRIS Oil 200ml - Green Olive
P200PGIRIS Oil 200ml - Phthalo Green
P200YOIRIS Oil 200ml - Yellow Ochre
P200RSIRIS Oil 200ml - Raw Sienna
P200BSIRIS Oil 200ml - Burnt Sienna
P200RUIRIS Oil 200ml - Raw Umber
P200BUIRIS Oil 200ml - Burnt Umber
P200PGRIRIS Oil 200ml - Payne's Grey
P200CBKIRIS Oil 200ml - Carbon Black

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