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Iris Acrylic 200ml Tubes

A pigment rich, smooth and buttery, heavy body Artist Acrylic.  Iris Artist Acrylic provides excellent coverage by combining the finest pigments and superior binding.  Iris Acrylics have a body similar to oil colours and peak beautifully straight from the tube with no thickeners.  

The Iris Acrylic 200ml palette offers 23 vibrant, lightfast colours and also 2 fluorescents and 1 metallic.  When dry, the colours form a permanent film that is resistant to water, dirt and atmospheric pollution.  Suitable for painting on most surfaces like canvas, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, glass and wood. 

  • Wide range of pigment rich colours 
  • Excellent permanence and lightfastness 
  • Range includes metallics, glitters and fluorescents 
  • Smooth buttery consistency 
  • Maintains peaks and brush strokes 
  • Excellent mixing capabilities 
  • Dries to a gloss finish 
  • Dilutes with water 

200ml Tubes are available in a range of 26 colours. 

CLICK HERE for Iris Acrylic 200ml Tubes COLOUR CHART

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Products in this Range

A200LY100Iris Acrylic 200ml - Lemon Yellow
A200CYM120Iris Acrylic 200ml - Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue)
A200CYD239Iris Acrylic 200ml - Cadmium Yellow Deep (Hue)
A200COD235Iris Acrylic 200ml - Cadmium Orange Deep (Hue)
A200FC011Iris Acrylic 200ml - Floral Coral
A200CR238Iris Acrylic 200ml - Cadmium Red Medium (Hue)
A200AC280Iris Acrylic 200ml - Alizarin Crimson
A200MG005Iris Acrylic 200ml - Magenta
A200FRO156Iris Acrylic 200ml - Fluro Rose
A200LLC006Iris Acrylic 200ml - Lilac
A200UB340Iris Acrylic 200ml - Ultramarine Blue
A200PB003Iris Acrylic 200ml - Primary Blue
A200PCB310Iris Acrylic 200ml - Cerulean Blue (Hue)
A200TQ004Iris Acrylic 200ml - Turquoise
A200BB016Iris Acrylic 200ml - Botanical Bliss
A200GL420Iris Acrylic 200ml - Green Light
A200SG428Iris Acrylic 200ml - Sap Green
A200YO500Iris Acrylic 200ml - Yellow Ochre
A200BS520Iris Acrylic 200ml - Burnt Sienna
A200RU540Iris Acrylic 200ml - Raw Umber
A200BU530Iris Acrylic 200ml - Burnt Umber
A200NG257Iris Acrylic 200ml - Neutral Grey
A200PG610Iris Acrylic 200ml - Paynes Grey
A200IB650Iris Acrylic 200ml - Ivory Black
A200PW213Iris Acrylic 200ml - Pearl White
A200W710Iris Acrylic 200ml - Titanium White

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