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Hahnemühle Mould-made Etching Paper

  • Printmaking paper made of 100% Alpha Cellulose with watermarks and deckled edges
  • Soft, cold pressed texture which is smooth but robust for soaking and stretching
  • Suitable for all printing techniques such as etching, engraving, mezzotint, drypoint, collograph
  • Also suitable for all types of intaglio, relief and lithographic printing or silk screen and serigraphic printing
  • The paper is internally sized and has a weight of 300 gsm
  • Displays consistent quality of a machine made paper, with the individual character of a hand made paper
  • Made by Hahnemühle in Germany on a mould-made paper making machine
  • All sheets (size 56 x 78 cm or 78 x 106 cm) carry the familiar ‘Rooster’ and ‘Hahnemühle’ watermark
  • The watermarks emphasise the paper’s excellent quality for printing of originals and editions

Products in this Range

10105734Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 150gsm 106 x78cm White
10105738Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 230gsm 106 × 78cm White
10105745Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 300gsm 56 × 78cm Bright White
10105752Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 300gsm 106 x 78cm Bright White
10105735Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 300gsm 106 × 78cm White
10105737Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 300gsm 106 × 78cm Off White
Also available in rolls:
10105794Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 350gsm 124cm x 20m Bright White
10105795Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 350gsm 124cm x 50m Bright White
10105797Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 300gsm 124cm x 20m White
10105798Hahnemühle Mouldmade Etching 350gsm 124cm x 50m White

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