Graph’It Alcohol Ink

  • Graph It alcohol ink is fully compatible with Graph It alcohol markers
  • Supplied in dropper bottles of 25ml per bottle
  • Use as a drawing ink or to refill your Graph It markers
  • Ideal for large format work especially on Yupo paper
  • Create great colour mixing affects with this very fluid medium
  • Easy to apply with a number of different brushes and sponges or simply drop onto the surface
  • Available in assorted sets of 4 bottles or as single colours
 Single Colours:
GE00000Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 0000 Blender
GE01170Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 1170 Sun
GE04115Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 4115 Cotton
GE04145Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 4145 Organza
GE04150Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 4150 Nude
GE04155Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 4155 Skin
GE05160Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 5160 Magenta
GE05220Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 5220 Tomato
GE07150Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 7150 Cyan
GE07190Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 7190 Submarine
GE08150Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 8150 Chlorophyll
GE09500Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 9500 Neutral Grey 0
GE09501Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 9501 Neutral Grey 1
GE09502Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 9500 Neutral Grey 2
GE09504Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 9504 Neutral Grey 4
GE09506Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 9506 Neutral Grey 6
GE09909Graph’It Ink Refill 25ml 9909 Black (K)
Assorted Sets:
GE00400Graph’It Ink Set of 4 Primary Colours 25ml
GE00402Graph’It Ink Set of 4 Essential Colours 25ml
GE00403Graph’It Ink Set of 4 Neutral Grey Colours 25ml
GE00404Graph’It Ink Set of 4 Skin Colours 25ml