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FineTec Paint Sets

  • FineTec paints are made with the highest quality pigment resulting in exceptional lightfastness, great solubility, and excellent durability
  • These paints are non-toxic and made using solar power, under strict quality standards in Germany
  • A natural product that offers a wide variety of opaque pearlescent, iridescent, metallic, two-tone and flip-flop colours
  • The opaque Pearlescent colours show off their intense colour brilliance on all surfaces and can be easily mixed with each other
  • The Iridescent colours appear nearly transparent on a light background and on a dark surface are vivid and shimmer magically depending on the point of view and incidence of light
  • The Metallic colours contain an exclusive colour pigment with real silver. They can be mixed with other pearlescent colours and give them greater opacity and a more intensive gloss
  • Flip-Flop colours fascinate especially on dark surfaces with their impressive colour variation. The innovative chameleon effect changes the colour tone according to the incidence of light and the perspective of the viewer within a broad spectrum
  • Our TwoTone colours are a brand-new addition. While classic opaque pearlescent colours appear grey without direct incidence of light, this new colour type always shows a coloured base tone under such lighting conditions. The new TwoTone colour Blue Gold (7205), for example, appears blue without light incidence, but shines golden with incidence of light
  • Each set comes in a robust metal box with mixing fields in the lid and interchangeable paint cups
  • Ideal for creating special effects, adding detail, highlighting and calligraphy
  • CLICK HERE FineTec Pearlescent Swatch Colour Chart
  • CLICK HERE FineTec Iridescent, Flip-Flop & Metallic Swatch Colour Chart


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Products in this Range

F2400FineTec Colourful Tin Set 24
2 Flip-Flop Colours + 22 Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Crystal Gold, Arabic Gold, Pearl Gold, Olympic Gold, Royal Gold, Bronze, Hazelnut, Golden Rose, Orange Copper, Tangelo, Ruby, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Amethyst, High Chroma Blue, Caribbean Green, Mint, Silver, Platinum, Blue Silver, Deep Black, Patina Flip Flop, Twilight Flip Flop)
F0602FineTec Cool Tin Set 6
1 Flip-Flop colour + 5 Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Patina Flip Flop, Emerald, High Chroma Blue, Vintage Lilac, Platinum, Mint)
F0603FineTec Warm Tin Set 6
1 Flip-Flop Colour + Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Autumn Gold Flip Flop, Tangelo, Ruby, Fuchsia, Golden Rose, Hazelnut)
F5600FineTec Pixie Dust Tin Set 6
6 Iridescent Colours
(Contains: Gold, Golden Copper, Light Purple, Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, and Jade Green)
F1200FineTec Rainbow Tin Set 12
12 Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Pearl Silver, Pearl Gold, Crystal Gold, Orange Copper, Red, Purple, Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Caribbean Green, Blue Silver, Deep Black, and Mystic Colour)
F0600FineTec Metals Tin Set 6
6 Traditional Metallic Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Copper, Bronze, Olympic Gold, Arabic Gold, Champagne Silver, and Silver)
F0601FineTec Classic Tin Set 6
6 Metallic Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Antique Gold, royal gold, Arabic Gold, Pearl Gold, Champagne Gold, and Silver)
F7001FineTec Antique Tones Tin Set 6
6 Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Real Silver, Rich Gold, Pharaoh Gold, Fine Gold, Pale Gold, Pewter)
F7002FineTec High Chroma Tin Set 6
6 Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: High Reflective Gold, Shiny Rust, Sparkling Pink, High Chroma Blue, High Chroma Green, and Galaxy Black)
F7003FineTec Flip-Flop Tin Set 6
6 Flip-Flop Colours
(Contains: Red/Gold, Pink/Orange, Turquoise/Red, Gold Green/Pink, Green/Amethyst, Blue/Violet)
F7024FineTec 4 Elements Tin Set 24
6 Iridescent Colours + 18 Pearlescent Colours
(Contains: Blue/Gold, Blue/Violet, Moon Grey, Mars Red, Outback Red, Colorado Brown, Sahara Gold, Orient Gold, Glittering Sea, Beach Gold, Volcano Gold, Caramel, Magma Orange, Fiery Red, Phoenix Pink, Ocean Blue, Poseidon Green, Sea Green, Sun Gold, Orange Sky, Aurora Pink, Sky Blue, Dusk Blue, and Aurora Green)
F8001FineTec High Sparkle Tin Set 6
6 Iridescent Colours
(Contains: White, Gold, Red, Amethyst, Blue, and Turquoise)
FN9000FineTec Neon Colours Tin Set 6
6 Neon Transparent Colours
(Contains: Yellow Afterglowing, Orange, Magenta, Purple, Blue, and Green)

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