Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Pad 160gsm

  • Artist 160g pastel and multimedia pad
  • Manufactured with a high cotton content and pure ECF cellulose
  • Acid free and pH neutral to guarantee a long permanence and archival quality
  • Highly lightfast colour
  • The excellent grainy surface and sizing make this paper suitable for not only pastels, but pencil, graphite, charcoal, tempera, air brush and watercolour techniques
  • Tiziano can also be used for all printing techniques
  • Also available in single colour sheets
  • CLICK HERE for Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper COLOUR CHART
FB46021297Fabriano Tiziano Pad A4 (30 Sheets) 6 Soft
FB46029742Fabriano Tiziano Pad A3 (30 Sheets) 6 Soft
FB46221297Fabriano Tiziano Pad A4 (30 Sheets) 6 Flecked Colours
FB46229742Fabriano Tiziano Pad A3 (30 Sheets) 6 Flecked Colours
FB46423305Fabriano Tiziano Pad 23×30.5cm (24 Sheets) White
FB46430541Fabriano Tiziano Pad 30.5x41cm (24 Sheets) White
FB46723305Fabriano Tiziano Pad 24×30.5cm (24 Sheets) Black
FB46730541Tiziano Pad 30.5x41cm (24 Sheets) Black