Fabriano Tela Oil Pad 300gsm

  • Fabriano Tela Oil Painting Paper has a unique paper surface similar to linen canvas
  • Created using a specialized texturing process
  • Internal and external sizing that offers ideal absorption for oil paints
  • Recommended for all oil painting techniques
FB68001824Fabriano Blocco Tela 300gsm 18 x 24 cm
FB68002432Fabriano Blocco Tela 300gsm 24 x 32 cm
FB68003040Fabriano Blocco Tela 300gsm 30 x 40 cm
FB68003648Fabriano Blocco Tela 300gsm 36 x 48 cm
FB68004256Fabriano Blocco Tela 300gsm 42 x 56 cm
Also available in loose sheets:
FB68005065Fabriano Tela Oil Paper 300gsm 50 x 65cm
(Sold in packs of 10 Sheets)