Fabriano Rosapina Paper

  • A 60% cotton mouldmade paper
  • For all printmaking techniques
  • Etching, litho and silk screening
  • Available in 220 and 285g and white and cream colour
FB2200511652Fabriano Rosapina White 220g 50x70cm
FB2850511650Fabriano Rosapina White 285g 50x70cm
FEPFA220011038Fabriano Rosapina Cream 220g 70×100
FEPFA220011038HFabriano Rosapina Cream 220g 50x70cm
FEPFA220011652Fabriano Rosapina White 220g 70x100cm
FEPFA285000000Fabriano Rosapina Cream 60% 285g 70×100
FEPFA285001650Fabriano Rosapina White 60% 285g 70×100