Fabriano Mixed Media Pad

  • Fabriano Mixed Media is a versatile, multipurpose paper
  • It combines the characteristics of watercolour and acrylic papers with those of drawing papers
  • Available in 250gsm and 160gsm sheets and pads for experimenting with new combinations of different techniques
  • 250gsm pad have 40 sheets and the 160gsm pads have 60 sheets per pad

Products in this Range

FB19100502Fabriano Mixed Media A5 Pad 250gsm (40 Sheets)
FB19100381Fabriano Mixed Media A4 Pad 250gsm (40 Sheets)
FB19100382Fabriano Mixed Media A3 Pad 250gsm (40 Sheets)
FB19100440Fabriano Mixed Media A4 Pad 160gsm (60 Sheets)
FB19100441Fabriano Mixed Media A3 Pad 160gsm (60 Sheets)