Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino Journal

  • Made from blank ivory shade cellulose 85gsm Ecological Paper
  • 80 Sheets per book
  • 100% Chlorine Free, Acid free and Archival
  • Scratch resistant 290gsm Sirio Tela textured cover
  • Each journal with an elastic closer
  • Available in A5 and A6 size
  • Also now available in A6 assorted colour packs of 4 books with blank sheets or dots
FB19815851Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Raspberry A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19815852Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Blue A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19815853Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Orange A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19815854Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Lemon A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19815855Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Purple A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19815856Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Black A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19815857Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Grey A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19815858Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Lime A6 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821851Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Raspberry A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821852Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Blue A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821853Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Orange A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821854Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Lemon A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821855Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Purple A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821856Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Black A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821857Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Grey A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
FB19821858Fabriano EcoQua Taccuino – Lime A5 85gsm (80 Sheets)
Also available in A6 Assorted Colour Packs

(Blank Sheets or Dots):

FB19105051Fabriano Taccuino Stapled Pocket Book – Cool White
FB19105052Fabriano Taccuino Stapled Pocket Book – Warm White
FB19105053Fabriano Taccuino Stapled Pocket Book – Cool – Dots
FB19105054Fabriano Taccuino Stapled Pocket Book – Warm – Dots