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Fabriano Ecoqua Original Note Books (Spiral)

  • The Ecoqua Original range offers a versatile note book with authentic, simple binding and a wide range of cover colour options
  • Made using environmentally friendly acid and chlorine free 90gsm Bioprima paper with 70 sheets ( 140 pages ) per book
  • Spiral binding with elegant silver spiral and matt surface
  • Sirio Denim cover 290gsm – the back cover is a firmer 350gsm white cardboard to forma solid base so you can write up to the last page
  • There are  9 different cover colour options and 3 different internal sheet layouts – blank, lined and quad squared

Products in this Range

A5 Blank:
FB19148001FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Grey 70 Sheets
FB19148002FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Brown 70 Sheets
FB19148003FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Cherry 70 Sheets
FB19148004FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Dark Blue 70 Sheets
FB19148005FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Flamingo 70 Sheets
FB19148006FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Red 70 Sheets
FB19148009FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Black 70 Sheets
FB19148010FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Royal Green 70 Sheets
FB19148012FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Blank Purple 70 Sheets
A4 Blank
FB19290001FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Gray 70 Sheets
FB19290002FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Brown 70 Sheets
FB19290003FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Cherry 70 Sheets
FB19290004FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Dark Blue 70 Sheets
FB19290005FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Flamingo 70 Sheets
FB19290006FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Red 70 Sheets
FB19290009FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Black 70 Sheets
FB19290010FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Royal Green 70 Sheets
FB19290012FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Blank Purple 70 Sheets
A5 Lined:
FB19148201FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Gray 70 Sheets
FB19148202FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Brown 70 Sheets
FB19148203FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Cherry 70 Sheets
FB19148204FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Dark Blue 70 Sheets
FB19148205FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Flamingo 70 Sheets
FB19148206FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Red 70 Sheets
FB19148209FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Black 70 Sheets
FB19148210FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Royal Green 70 Sheets
FB19148212FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Lined Purple 70 Sheets
A4 Lined:
FB19290201FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Gray 70 Sheets
FB19290202FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Brown 70 Sheets
FB19290203FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Cherry 70 Sheets
FB19290204FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Dark Blue 70 Sheets
FB19290205FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Flamingo 70 Sheets
FB19290206FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Red 70 Sheets
FB19290209FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Black 70 Sheets
FB19290210FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Royal Green 70 Sheets
FB19290212FB EcoQua Spiral A4 Lined Purple 70 Sheets
A5 Quad:
FB19148109FB EcoQua Spiral A5 Quad 5mm Black 70 Sheets
A4 Quad:
FB19290109FB EcoQual Spiral A4 Quad 5mm Black 70 Sheets

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