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Fabriano Cromia 220gsm

Fabriano Cromia is a fine arts colour paper suitable for a variety of painting and drawing techniques.  Composed of 50% cotton, it is resistant to scratches, tears and erasures and has 2 deckled edges.  Cromia has a surface which is similar to a watercolour cold pressed surface.  

It is manufactured on a traditional cylinder mould machine.  This one of-a-kind process replicates the typical characteristics of handmade paper allowing the fibers (cotton and pure alpha-cellulose in the case of Cromia paper) to spread gently and randomly to form a soft and homogeneous sheet of paper. 

 Cromia is of archival quality and highly lightfast. 

  • 50% Cotton 
  • 220gsm 
  • Acid free 
  • No optical brighteners 
  • Vegan friendly 
  • Archival quality:  Long Life ISO 9706 
  • Scratch, tear and eraser resistant 
  • 2 deckle edges

 Suitable for both wet and dry techniques, Cromia can be used for watercolour, pastel, pen and ink, mixed media charcoal, coloured pencil and gouache.  

Cromia is available in 10 lightfast colours in sheets of 50 x 65cm and in packs of 10 sheets per pack.

CLICK HERE for Fabriano Cromia 220gsm Colour Chart



Products in this Range

FB19100701Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - White
FB19100702Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Pale Amaranth
FB19100703Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Light Blue
FB19100704Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Blue
FB19100705Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Pale Gray
FB19100706Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Gray
FB19100707Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Pale Brown
FB19100708Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Ochre
FB19100709Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Green
FB19100710Fabriano Cromia 220gsm 50 x 65cm - Black

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