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Fabriano Accademia Paper Sheets & Rolls

  • Acid free 100% cellulose paper with slightly textured surface
  • High resistance to smearing and erasure
  • Ideal for graphite, charcoal and pastel work

Available in rolls and single sheets (see sizes below)

Also available:  Fabriano Accademia Spiral Journals 160gsm (hardcover spiral sketchbooks portrait, landscape, square)



Products in this Range

Available in Sheets:
FB55870120Fabriano Accademia Sheets 120gsm - 70 x 100cm
FB55870160Fabriano Accademia Sheets 160gsm - 70 x 100cm
FB55870200Fabriano Accademia Sheets 200gsm - 70 x 100cm
FB55865120Fabriano Accademia Sheets 120gsm - 50 x 65cm
FB55865160Fabriano Accademia Sheets 160gsm - 50 x 65cm
FB55865200Fabriano Accademia Sheets 200gsm - 50 x 65cm
Also Available in Rolls:
FB50815120Fabriano Accademia Roll 120gsm - 1.5 x 10m
FB50815160Fabriano Accademia Roll 160gsm - 1.5 x 10m
FB50815200Fabriano Accademia Roll 200gsm - 1.5 x 10m
Also Available in Artist Journals:
FB41231421Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm A5 - Portrait (60 Sheets )
FB41232129Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm A4 - Portrait (60 Sheets)
FB41232942Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm A3 - Portrait (60 Sheets)
FB43211421Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm A5 - Landscape (60 Sheets)
FB43212129Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm A4 - Landscape (60 Sheets)
FB43212942Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm A3 - Landscape (60 Sheets)
FB43211515Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm 15 x 15cm - Square (60 Sheets)
FB43213030Fabriano Accademia Spiral 160gsm 30 x 30cm - Square (60 Sheets)

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