Artist Fixative

Ghiant Basic Artist Fixative 400ml (FIX400):

  • General purpose artist fixatives
  • Suitable for fixing pastel, crayon, charcoal and transfer lettering
  • Dries in 5 minutes
  • Re-workable

Ghiant Academy 500ml (FIX500):

  • Environmentally friendly and acid free
  • Colourless final varnish protection spray to fix the final drawings in pencil, pastel or charcoal

Prime Art 200ml (PAF200):

  • Environmentally friendly and acid free
  • Final protection coating spray for charcoal and pastels
  • Available in 400ml Ghiant or 200ml Prime Art options
  • Re-workable

Inkjet Fixative Spray:  Ghiant 400ml (IF):

  • For the protection of inkjet inks on ink jet papers
  • Makes them waterproof and enhances the UV protection
  • Available in gloss, satin and matt
FIX400Ghiant Basic Artist Fixative 400ml
FIX500Ghiant Academy Fixative 500ml
PAF200Prime Art Fixative 200ml
IFGGhiant Inkjet Fixative Spray 400ml – Gloss
IFMGhiant Inkjet Fixative Spray 400ml – Matt
IFSGhiant Inkjet Fixative Spray 400ml – Satin