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Akua Liquid Pigment® 118ml

Akua Liquid Pigment® is made with the highest quality, lightfast pigments, and does not contain any chalk or suspending agents.  Colours are exceptionally strong, yet transparent and are ideal for multi-layer printing.  Akua Liquid Pigment’s rich working consistency is excellent for all monotype techniques and its ability to stay wet on the plate for an extended period of time provides artists with many hours to create an image.  All colours carry the AP Seal and clean up easily with soap and water. 

Liquid Pigment has a fluid consistency and is packaged in a squeeze bottle.  It is not made with a suspending agent which can allow the pigment to separate.  However, Akua have put a small mixing ball in each bottle to assist remixing the ink.  With the cap closed simply shake before use to mix the ink. 

  • Slow Drying Formula 
  • Chalk Free 
  • Transparent 
  • Highly Pigmented 

Ideal for all monoprint techniques. 


Products in this Range

SBAKCRSpeedball® Akua Liquid Pigment 118ml - Crimson Red
SBAKHYSpeedball® Akua Liquid Pigment 118ml - Hansa Yellow
SBAKJBSpeedball® Akua Liquid Pigment 118ml - Jet Black
SBAKPBSpeedball® Akua Liquid Pigment 118ml - Phthalo Blue
SBAKTWSpeedball® Akua Liquid Pigment 118ml - Titanium White
SBAKUBSpeedball® Akua Liquid Pigment 118ml - Ultra Blue

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